The Lady Awakens – Campaign Front Page

A party of thugs and outcasts, lead by the moral compass of their golden dragonborn paladin, navigate the infinite demons which plague their past, their future and their world, as their individual ambitions have, by some mighty chance, intertwined their fates as their common goals to survive and to thrive in their harsh environments grow ever more reliant on the abilities of one another. together they quest against such dangers as animated rugs, shapeshifting salesmen and their own unending incompetence.
Hesken -Commander in Chief and Moral Compass
Arden – Fake Legolas
Decnal – Wise but Crazed Arcanist
Stumbleduck – Thief and slayer of Medusa
Laeugner – Charlatan, Swindler and Survivor (coward)

Theylon – Brilliant but Cruel and Saddistic DM

The Lady Awakens

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